Layout template

Our philosophy – if every event is unique, then the prints done at the photo booth deserve to be unique as well!

It’s simple to customize your photo, and our team is here to help you at every step.

  • STEP 1: Choose a format. It can be the classic 10x15cm or 5x15cm (photostrips / bookmark). What will it be? Classic or modern?
  • STEP 2: Choose a layout(how the frames will be arranged on the printed photo). Here we can play in countless modes and we have the photos in our portofolio to prove this.
  • STEP 3: Choose a message. What do you want to be written on the photo ? It can be the names of the grooms & date, the name of the branding event, name of the festival or any other unusual idea.
  • STEP 4: To be 100% yours, the design needs to be suitable for the event. Now is the moment to tell us if you want a design with specific elements(flowers, butterflies, hearts) or a specific theme(steampunk, travel, glamour, vintage, purple, etc.)
  • STEP 5: Our team will craft 1 or more proposals and send it to you via email for your final approval.

Included template

Layout A1

Layout A2

Layout A3

Layout A4

Layout B1

Layout B2

Layout B3

Layout B4

Layout C1

Layout C2

Layout C3

Layout C4

Layout C5

Layout C6

Layout D1


Layout D2

Layout D3

Layout D4

Layout E1

Layout E2

Layout E3

Layout E4

Layout F1

Layout F2

Layout F3

Layout F4

Layout G1

Layout G2

Layout G3

Layout H1

Layout H2

Layout H3

Layout H4

Layout H5

Layout H6

Layout I1

Layout I2

Layout I3

Layout J1

Extra template

For the layouts below, there is an additional cost added to the chosen bundle.

Layout K1

Layout K2

Layout K3

Layout K4

Layout K5

Layout K6

Layout L1

Layout L2

Layout L3

Layout L4

Layout L5

Layout L6

Layout M1

Layout M2

Layout N1

Layout N2

Layout N3

Layout N4