We provide you with a diverse range of entertainment services, accompanied by a professional team dedicated to the finer details, ensuring your event is stress-free and memorable.

From photo booths and magic mirrors to photobuses and prosecco vans, we have everything you need for a fairytale wedding.


Photo Booth

The photo booth is a fun and interactive feature that delights guests at any event. Beyond just entertainment, many choose to rent a photo booth as a modern alternative to traditional event testimonials. What may have begun as a trendy fad has now become a must-have for anyone looking to create unforgettable memories at their wedding.

Cabina Foto Vintage
1 mirror

Glamour Mirror

The Magic Mirror we offer is an unique concept in Romania, renowned for its classic and elegant design as well as its innovative photographic approach. If you're looking for a photobooth that will be admired by all your guests, this is the perfect choice for your wedding. It not only enhances the atmosphere but also provides a memorable, interactive experience for everyone.

360 Video Booth

The 360 Selfie Platform is an ideal choice for weddings if you want to experience fun on a whole new level with your loved ones. Videos are shot in 4k resolution using the latest GoPro cameras. Your guests have instant access to them via QR Code.

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An absolutely brilliant, super Instagrammable photocorner concept that will be the centerpiece of any wedding. A lovingly restored Volkswagen T3 in which we've added a photo booth so you can experience the timeless retro feel with your loved ones.

Prosecco Van - Lemonade Bar - Craft Beer

This Piaggio Ape adds an authentic Italian vibe to your event, creating a delightful spot for you and your guests to enjoy a glass of prosecco or lemonade together. This classic tricycle is convertible, allowing it to serve dual purposes as both a Prosecco Van and a Lemonade Van.

prosecco van lemonade bar

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fum greu artificii vulcan

Low Fog - Cold Fireworks

The low fog effect creates the magical impression of dancing in the clouds, smoothing out any awkward movements and helping you relax into the moment. It's an essential addition if you're aiming for breathtaking, unique photos of your first dance as husband and wife. When paired with our indoor cold fireworks service, it sets a stunning backdrop, perfect for capturing gorgeous photographs of your special day.

Marquee Letters

The marquee letters can be used as wedding decorations both indoors (in front of the head table, in front of the stage, in the lobby) and outdoors (on the lawn, by the pool, etc.) We provide you with any letter, number and a few special characters, so you can spell any word you want.

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