We offer you the widest range of backgrounds printed in HD resolution in Romania! You can choose from around 75 printed backgrounds, specially selected to fit the theme of any party: wedding / christening / birthday / anniversary.

Your chosen backdrop will be physically present at the venue, where the photo booth or magic mirror is installed, so it will be visible to all guests. You can choose this backdrop so that it matches both the decor of the event room and the chosen theme - a perfect photocorner!

Thanks to Greenscreen (Chroma) technology, you can choose between 1 and 6 digital backgrounds before the event, which your guests can photograph themselves on during the event at the photo booth (these backgrounds are not available for the magic mirror). Each guest will be able to choose which background to take their photo on when they arrive at the booth. This ensures that everyone has reasons to revisit the photo corner and try out more backgrounds.

Physically at the location there will be a green panel, and changing the background is done in real time with one click!

Personalize your photo at the photo booth and magic mirror, just the way you want it! You can choose from over 1000 free print designs - 10x15cm collage photos (landscape or portrait) or 5x15cm (photostrips / bookmarks).

What can we do? We can add a photo of you on the day of the event to the print, we can personalise the experience with elements taken from your invitation or you can receive a custom graphic proposal from a specialist graphic designer.

With the Wooden Guestbook, personalised with your name and the date of your event, you have a great way to capture your guests' thoughts, greetings and memories in one place. You can return to these greetings over the years and fondly remember the moments shared on your wedding day.

We come with all the necessary utensils to make a wedding or christening guestbook - markers, glue, stickers. Our specialist operator will invite your guests to leave you a written thought and will make sure that at the end of the event you have a complete album.