Examples of Prints & Photocorners

10x15cm Photo Booth
Print Collage

Red Velvet Background
Custom Branding & Colors

15x10cm Photo Booth Print

Custom Shimmer
Wall & Balloons

15x10cm Photobooth Print

3 Photos Collage
3 GreenScreen Chroma Backgrounds

7,5x10cm Photo Booth Polaroid Print

Custom 3D Photocorner

5x15cm Photo Booth Photostrip Print

Black & White Vintage Classic Print

10x15cm Photo Booth Print

Custom HD Printed
Background & Balloons

Video Experiences

GIF Animation

Multiple Greenscreen Chroma Backgrounds

GIF Animation

HD Printed Backdrop

GIF Animation

Greenscreen Chroma Background

360 Video

Mirror & Blur Effect

360 Video

Slow & Fast Motion
Mirror Effects

Leave the moments
that matter to us!