The moment of a birthday or a coming of age represents the passage into a new stage of life, full of achievements and new beginnings.

Find out below how you can integrate Flashbox services into a birthday or anniversary party for memorable photos and an interactive 360 video experience.


Retro/Vintage Photo Booth

Position the photo booth in a strategic location to let guests capture photos and create fun memories filled with genuine smiles. What adds an extra touch? The ability to personalize each printed photo to align with the theme of your event. Plus, you can select the perfect backdrop for your guests from over 70 options, ensuring it complements the decor of your event space perfectly.

Cabina Foto Vintage
1 mirror

Glamour Mirror

The magic mirror is the perfect choice for coming-of-age celebrations. As the centerpiece of the event, it allows guests to see themselves just as they would in a real mirror, adding a spectacular and elegant touch to your decor. This feature not only enhances the ambiance but also provides an unique and interactive experience, making it memorable for the honoree and all attendees.

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360 Video Booth

The 360 Selfie platform we use is a state-of-the-art device that shoots with a professional GoPro camera in 4K resolution. The studio lights we use allow us to shoot 360 videos even in low light conditions, and the software gives us the ability to customize the video by adding the birthday boy's name, graphics and last but not least, special effects that will make each video special.

Marquee Letters

The marquee letters can be used as decoration elements at a birthday or anniversary, both indoors (in front of the stage, in the lobby) and outdoors (on the lawn, by the pool, etc.) We provide you with any letter, number and some special characters, so you can spell any word you want.

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